About us

About Us

Wave has helped technology companies and manufacturers scale their businesses for ten years.  If you’re looking to increase revenue, we’ll be Your Best Partner!

We’ve developed sales and marketing services around effective engagement and follow-up.  We start with front-of-funnel activities, helping our clients engage more customers, or provide better channel partner support and leverage proven processes and software to scale these efforts.

For example – if you’re looking to increase business opportunities with your Channel Partners, we have contracted Channel Development Representatives.

If you’re looking to strengthen your outbound prospecting to your total addressable market or qualify your inbound opportunities; we have contracted Sales Development Representatives.

If you have enough internal resources but need to improve your tech stack, but lack the time, we have strategic Technology Partnerships with best-in-class solutions to help your teams become even better.

Why Wave?

Our focus is on delivering outcomes that increase revenue.  As a result, Wave provides strategies that build pipeline, accelerate deal cycles, and improve channel partnerships.  Our mission is to ensure you have the ideal customer experience and that we become your best partner.


We provide personalized solutions for our clients – branded revenue teams, campaigns that highlight your value proposition and technology to scale.


We strive to help you win. That means, being an active partner, leveraging our experience managing teams, messaging and finding what’s successful.


We focus on long-term partnerships by seeking mutual success, constantly measure our efforts, and adjusting as needed to help you increase revenue.

Our Experience

Wave is a professional services organization with a decade of experience supporting large global brands, their channel partners, and their combined customers.  We have applied our expertise to solve many common challenges.