What are commercial grade monitors?

Wave Representatives chose AG Neovo as its go-to partner for commercial grade security monitors for our systems integrators throughout North America.  Not all monitors are created equal.  We only recommend products to end users and systems integrators that provide the promised results.  Quality monitors with 7×24 operation, exact color reproduction, optical glass, anti-burn-in capabilities are a must for security applications.  Megapixel video surveillance benefits can be severely impacted when matched with inferior quality monitors.

While there are always lower cost consumer grade options, they simply don’t have the 7×27 durability or color reproduction needed for demanding commercial grade applications.

Security Operations Centers rely on comercial grade monitors to keep eyes on targets and secure facilities ranging from airports to national intelligence agencies.


AGNeovo video walls incorporate the necessary features required by security professionals to have confidence in the performance and longevity of the equipment being deployed.

Wave Representatives is pleased to be offering AG Neovo to help our systems integrators provide their end user customers with the highest quality monitor options available at competitive prices.

For more information on how AG Neovo can help you on your next project, please contact your local Wave Representatives for more information.


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