Barrier Systems

Securing Sites with Barrier Systems

IFI-12 Mini Louver

Impenetrable. Unclimbable. Unstoppable. The IFI- 12 is the strongest security solution we offer. This entirely welded system is nearly invulnerable to standard forms of attack. Sledgehammers and non-powered cutting tools don’t stand a chance. The expanded metal design makes it almost impossible to climb without assistance, and its modular nature allows for the integration of chain link, mesh screens, lighting, anti-climb wire, breach detection systems, and more. These barrier systems are perfect for sites that require maximum security.

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IFI-14 Palisade

Eye-catching. And unforgiving. The IFI-14 combines the strength of the IFI-12 with the elegance of ornamental fencing to provide a high-security solution that also fulfills aesthetic needs. Like the 12, it can be integrated with a variety of peripherals to enhance its already impressive strength. Featuring a welded design with zero exposed bolts or brackets, the IFI-14 are the perfect barrier systems for environments that require the highest levels of both security and class.

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IFI-9 Severe Cut

This isn’t your daddy’s chain-link fence. The IFI-9 Severe Cut offers substantially more security than standard chainlink. Boasting a 9-gauge, 3/8” mini weave face and terminal pole wraparound, this security solution eliminates all exposed bracing and makes it extremely difficult to climb and/or cut. The IFI-9 is an elite chain link system for sites that require the highest levels of perimeter security.

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IFI-6 Extreme Cut

A cut above. The IFI-6 Extreme Cut is the strongest chain link fence solution on the market. Period. With its 6-gauge 5/8” weave face and terminal pole wrap around; this security solution eliminates all exposed bracing and makes it extremely difficult to climb and/or cut. The IFI-6 is a flexible, high-quality, cost-effective security solution to traditional chain link security.

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Chain Link

No entry. No compromise. In addition to our specialty chain link options (IFI-6 and IFI-9), Perimeter Security Solutions offers a wide variety of chain link solutions. Chain link is the most fundamental of barrier systems and Perimeter Security Solutions has manufactured a lot of it. Our chain link options can be a valuable component of your perimeter solution, whether your site is low, medium, or even high security.

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Custom Work

Perimeter Security Solutions understands that some projects require more than a prefabricated solution. They would gladly work with you to develop a barrier system that meets all of your site’s unique needs. Please contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Wave Representatives and Perimeter Security Solutions have partnered together to provide state-of-the-art barrier systems for critical infrastructure, corporate security, and government facilities.

For more information on PSS, please contact us either through WaveBot or 858.252.2880.