Build Stronger Partnerships.

Wave delivers a comprehensive Channel Partner Business Development service designed to increase partner sales support, and responsiveness.

Why Channel Business Development?

By leveraging dedicated contracted Business Development Representatives, you can support more partners, close more deals, and accelerate revenue.


Channel Sales

All the tools you’ll need

Whether you’re just starting or want to improve your partnerships, Wave has you covered.

Increase your responsiveness to partner sales inquiries and product questions.
Sign new authorized partners to increase territory coverage and revenue.
Provide regular updates on your products and services to keep your partners engaged.
Keep deals alive when account managers are on vacation, or leave the organization.
Keep deals moving and across the finish line with personalized follow-up and engagement.
Receive real-time reports on partner development activities using sales engagement tools.
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The Right Call

Business Development Representatives help increase revenue by providing your partners with consistent and timely communication to do more business.  Wave offers businesses a scalable and cost-effective service.

Channel Business Development provides the sales engagement your partners need to grow revenue.

Channel Partner Engagement