Every day there are millions of people going about their lives whether they’re traveling through airports bus stations or railways, utilizing large parking facilities, business parks or other venues and they all have a question.

Today we’re going to share with you Commend’s digital assistant called Ivy and how it’s changing the way people get information.


Ivy works as a virtual assistant to call centers, and can assist with answering frequently asked questions, for example in a parking structure she can assist with replacing a lost ticket, in a smart city she will be able to tell you you where you are, more about the area. how to get from point a to point B. In public transportation she’ll be able to give you train, bus or airline information, ticket prices – again helping you get from point a to point B or letting you know how far it is to the next station.

Conversational AI

Ivy is a conversational AI with machine learning and deep neural networks, basically it means when you ask a question, Ivy is listening, comprehending and forming a response based on of all the information that Ivy gets day in and day out, and she’s able to formulate an answer to your question.

With Ivy she makes it possible to reduce 30% of the operators load, introduced scenario-based call management, automate technical service requests, and most importantly keep service costs under control.

If you have questions about Ivy and what she can do for you please reach out to us at we’d love to hear from you.