When it comes to large spaces, like warehouses, there are a lot of challenges associated with ensuring important announcements are clearly understood throughout the entire facility.

Major concerns may include, evacuations, employee breaks, and other important shift announcements.

Common challenges with a public announcement system often include, announcements are drowned out by ambient noise or the volume is so loud that the message is unintelligible.

For this reason Commend developed an intelligent PA system with a new generation of loudspeakers to address the short comings of older systems:

Unified PA

  • The networkable IP loudspeakers of Series AFLS bring together communication and public address in a single device – this distinguishes them clearly from ‘classic’ public address solutions.
  • A microphone integrated into the loudspeaker allows each loudspeaker to constantly adjust its own volume to the perfect setting – IVC (Intelligent Volume Control) – even during an ongoing announcement.
  • The result is superior intelligibility in any situation.
  • Full support of announcements, alerts and evacuation messages, advertising, music feeds, and many other applications

Networked via IP

  • Loudspeakers can be addressed and configured individually.
  • No need for central amplifiers.
  • Straightforward organization of loudspeakers into groups and sections without the need for hardware changes or extra wiring.

How Commend is saving money?

When it comes to warehouses, ensuring employees are taking mandated breaks can save businesses financially in the long run, some states require that the employer pay a full hour for any missed, interrupted or skipped breaks, even allowing the employees to file for that money 3 years after the fact.

Commends public address system can solve the notification, ensuring employees notified in a timely manner. In some cases the background noise can be too loud, except commends intercom can make automatic adjustment to ensure that the background or ambient noise is adjusted for.

If you have any questions how commend, and how it can enhance and protect your facilities, please reach out to Samuel Hicks.