Five Enterprise Applications

Wave Representatives is delivering groundbreaking IP cameras, network video recorders and video management software that work in concert to ensure reliable end-to-end surveillance solutions.  These five enterprise applications require solutions that offer enterprise features and reliability.

Providing unparalleled forensic video.

  1. Critical Infrastructure: Facilities have a great importance in maintaining a nation’s society and economy. It is crucial to protect these areas and other important industrial objects from potential threats.
  2. Stadiums: Monitoring tens of thousands of people simultaneously; helping to prevent violent incidents and ensure the safety of the spectators, staff and football players..
  3. City: Monitoring streets and roads; helping to ensure the safety of the citizens and traffic in contemporary urban environments; creating irrefutable evidences for court.
  4. Airport: Monitoring whole airports; helping to maintain a secure environment and prevent accidents or any kind of criminal activity; making fast reaction possible in case of emergency situations.
  5. Border Control: There are many contemporary issues that nations have to face at borders. Protecting borders is paramount in stopping illegal crossings, human trafficking and smuggling.

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