No Network, Now What?

So you need to install security devices at parking lot or parking structure and there’s no existing network infrastructure to work with and trenching to bury new cabling and expensive conduit runs are out of the question.

If this sounds familiar, KBC Networks has you covered.

KBC Networks latest generation of Wireless Ethernet Systems and PowerBox to tackle these challenges and more.


Data and Power

KBC Networks is an expert in data transmission, and can help you to wirelessly send video surveillance footage over long distances through high performance, rugged outdoor transmitters that are the size of a book.

Getting started with KBC Networks is easy, just send the site address and camera information over to our team and KBC will provide a custom layout with all the parts required to wirelessly transmit the data. When it’s time to install, units arrive pre-programed saving you time and money.

PowerBox makes installation onto existing light poles simple, and can avoid costly electrical work to power them. Units are ready to connect several PoE powered devices, including cameras, radar units, speakers and of course wireless transmitters.

More to Come

It’s easy to see why system integrators trust KBC Networks for all their industrial grade ethernet switches, wireless transmission and power requirements.

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Until next time.