WaveCloud delivers more than lead generation and channel engagement. Three unique elements provide WaveCloud with a clear advantage in the market; research for better customer profiles and requirements, outreach for person-to-person communication that provides closer communication and better customer experience (CX) and lastly influence, for earlier engagement with sizing and designing solutions to address their initiatives, project level planning and improved channel partner alignment.

Research – Outreach – Influence (a different ROI)

WaveCloud provides person-to-person engagement combined with data science and a compelling technology stack to delivers a superior customer experience for end users.  What separates us from other service focused companies is simple.  Industry expertise and a pricing structure that rewards success.  We have eliminated many of the challenges with engaging with a business for providing sales and marketing augmentation, with a flat commission rate plus a low monthly subscription rate per zone (or region) we can help you bring your account based marketing and sales engagement to new heights.

“ end users want subject matter experts outside of your company”

Early on we found that end users want subject matter experts outside of your company, while they appreciate a manufacturers assistance, they require people outside of the organization to provide unbiased feedback and competitive input.  Wave Representatives provides this element along with a “solution approach” providing certified systems integrators with earlier input before bid specifications are locked in.

  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Market Intelligence
  • Earlier Engagement
  • Optimized Sales Timing
  • Improved ABM Initiatives
  • Complementary Technology Stack
  • Improved Channel Engagement

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