Post Event Strategy

Post Event Strategy.  While trade shows are an excellent venue for generating interest in a manufacturer’s products, a rock-solid follow-up program is a must. Potential clients engage in direct conversations on the showroom floor, and can quickly assess interest in your solutions. Nevertheless, statistics show that most of those interested prospects will fall through the cracks and lose interest. So, for manufacturers participating in these events to realize a good return on investment, they need a playbook for successful trade show follow-up.

The Benchmark
From our research, the standard follow up strategy from most manufacturers consists of these three things;

Marketing Email “Thank You for attending” with an offer to answer any questions about their products.
As you know, your email will be among hundreds of other manufacturers in their inbox after the event. (Getting through to the prospect was one of the inspirations for WaveOutreach™, our Sales Development Service that addresses this along with many other common challenges).

Salesperson Call – following up on the event and wanting to get a better understanding of the prospect’s interest level and help answer any questions, etc.
According to the Harvard Business Review, the average call attempts by salespeople consists of 1-2 calls. The chance of making contact requires at least 6 call attempts.

Channel Partner – Sent as a “lead” for follow up.
Unqualified leads can be more detrimental than beneficial, and their salespeople will have the same challenge with persistence as direct salespeople.

Lead Response Strategy
Improving your lead response starts with creating a post-event strategy for success.

Your post-event strategy starts with speed. To dramatically increase your success rate, the post-show follow-up must be done immediately after the show, be consistent and personal.

WaveOutreach™ Sales Development Representatives start with a cadence (a series of steps to reach the prospect) to ensure the customer journey stays on track. Our clients provide the messaging while Wave Representatives supplies the technology stack and inside salespeople to achieve success.

Why WaveOutreach Succeeds Where In-House Fails?

  • We’ve found that internal teams are entrenched in existing business and have little bandwidth to qualify unknowns in exchange for established business opportunities.
  • Manufacturer sales teams are primarily focused on Channel Partner enablement versus End User outreach.
  • Most aren’t equipped with modern customer engagement software for impactful follow-up.
  • The time required for success doesn’t align with sales productivity. See our previous article showing the latest statistics necessary for lead generation and lead follow up.

Increasing Engagement = Increasing Revenue
WaveOutreach™ was purpose-built to connect with more prospects and to create significant gains in engagement, pipeline, and revenue. Sales Development Representatives are a proven inside sales model that specializes on top of funnel activity and outsourcing such a team provides the right proportion of investment in outbound marketing and revenue generation.

Our experience and approach provide both end-users and channel partners with the information they need to purchase our client’s products.

To find out how your organization can benefit from WaveOutreach™ contact us, and we’ll show you how we help solve these business challenges and more.

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