Physical Security Industry SaaS
SaaS in Physical Security

Here are our top 10 pitfalls to avoid for new SaaS players entering into the Physical Security Market.

  • Industry Advisors

    Be careful when utilizing industry advisors who have never positioned a SaaS offering. They might understand how to sell a tangible product, but using their business advice might set you back.

  • SaaS Centric

    If you’ve gotten funding, don’t over-hire, instead focus on start up executives who understand; SaaS MRR, CAC, CLV, etc.

  • Channel Partner Rewards

    New SaaS products are entering the market every day; a new product is hot, and then something else will grab attention, so keep your momentum by developing lasting Channel Partner programs that focus on rewarding loyalty.

  • Become a Reciprocal Business Partner

    Don’t over-rely on Channel Partners to drive new business; you must own your pipeline and become a reciprocal business partner.

  • Tiered Selling

    Use tiered selling. Most manufacturers exclusively hire; Regional Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Business Development Managers, and Account Executives. They’re needed; however, none of those roles are focused on prospecting.

  • Sales Development Representatives

    Hire SDRs to focus on building your sales funnel with a blend of End-User and Channel Partner engagement, allowing your sales team to drive new business by co-selling.

  • Playbook and Workflow

    Develop a solid playbook strategy with SDRs and AE/BDM/RSM.

  • Excellent Demonstrations

    Focus on providing excellent live demonstrations. Build a demo around your prospects pain points and challenges, make sure you review these and skip irrelevant features.

  • Customer Journey

    Map out your customer’s journey, focus on the onboarding process, and ongoing customer satisfaction.

  • Vertical Success

    Understand the verticals where you’ll have the highest success rate. Make your message simple and clear to help your SDRs communicate your value proposition.

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