Sales Development Services

Sales Development Services

Wave Representatives provides B2B technology companies with Professional Sales Outsourcing, encompassing; hiring, training, and managing your dedicated SDR team.

Dedicated to Your Company

Wave Representatives provides businesses with a fully managed sales development service, assigning dedicated SDRs under their brand and that utilize their address.

Powered by Talent and Technology

Wave Representatives has invested tens of thousands of dollars into leading technologies that power your SDRs for success and full transparency through our automated reporting.

Flexible Pricing Options

Every company is unique and pricing needs to be flexible.  We offer a flat subscription or hybrid subscription plus commission plans depending on what works best for your organization.

Scalable Model

You’ll love the scalability that Wave Representatives offers. Onboarding additional SDRs is as simple as running them through the same modules and allowing them to shadow your existing team.

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  • Account Research

    30% of contact data is outdated every year, which lessens the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and can damage your sender score. Your dedicated Sales Development Representatives will generate new contacts based on your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) to maximize success.

  • Validation

    Keeping accurate contact and account data isn’t easy, so Wave partnered with Zoominfo.  Find out how you can benefit from firmographic data for active accounts and new ones.  With relevant, validated contacts, you’ll be able to deliver content confidently.

  • Effective Messaging

    Writing an outbound email is time-consuming and constantly evolving; we help our customers improve customer engagement through compelling personalization and the right technology. Our industry experience and embedded managed services help create effective campaigns.

  • Live Chat

    Conversations happen throughout the buying process. When buyers have questions and want fast answers, they use live chat on your website. You can increase revenue by leveraging dedicated inbound SDRs who can provide real-time responses to your prospects.

  • Customer Engagement

    MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) engagement through dedicated, company-branded inbound Sales Development Representatives (SDR).  Increase responsiveness by utilizing our recommended technology stack and leveraging our integration services.

  • Uncover Visitor Data

    Uncover prospective buyers visiting your site and drive tailored engagement through strategic marketing initiatives. Wave provides the expertise required to help you connect your marketing systems to better understand your front-of-funnel.

Why Wave Representatives?


Wave Representatives has provided leading businesses with Sales-as-a-Service since 2013. Our Sales Development Services evolved from years of experience within B2B technology sales.

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Your Best Partner™

We’ve successfully helped our clients engage and deliver their solutions to some of the largest brands.

  • General Atomics
  • Westfield
  • Hilton
  • Sempra Energy
  • Viasat
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Nestle
  • Costco
  • Qualcomm