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SDR Outsourcing is playing a vital role in helping start-ups in the SaaS market to meet revenue targets. This trend started in Silicon Valley with some of the highest property and cost of living statistics in the United States. The bay area welcomed the concept of “SDR as a Service” as an answer to scaling their growth. 

Why Sales Development Representatives?

We recognized that the developing SaaS, VSaaS, ACaaS businesses, would require new sales and marketing teams and workflows to ensure success. The commonly utilized Inside Sales Representative doesn’t provide the needed focus on discoveryengagement, and lead response since ISR’s are Channel Partner, and Regional Sales Manager support focused. In contrast, the SDR role provides the needed KPI framework to meet RMR requirements.

Our six years of experience supporting manufacturers as an embedded sales team helped us to recognize where gaps are present with current approaches, and how we can help them improve.

One of the deficiencies found in current strategies is that pipeline is passive. Manufacturers rely heavily on partnerships to promote and sell their products with trade shows and events as their primary venue for end-user engagement.

Since the “customer acquisition” side of the equation is essential for RMR success, we created new sales and marketing positions to meet these new demands.

SDR Outsourcing

WaveCloud, a designation for our suite of Marketing services, includes copywriting, data research, lead and prospect outreach services.

WaveOutreach is a subscription-based service for SDR Outsourcing, providing a suite of services that address essential pre-sales activities and is making unmatched gains in customer engagement and meeting intelligence. 

Today we’re leading the way in SDR Outsourcing. Over the last two years, we’ve invested in groundbreaking sales engagement technologies, excellent facilities, pricing packages, processes, and reporting.

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