Spotter Global

Spotter Global engaged Wave Representatives in 2021 to deliver Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) solutions to a wider audience of physical security professionals and systems integrators addressing the challenges associated with perimeter security, including critical infrastructure corporate environments and beyond.

Spotter Global has been delivering compact surveillance radar for critical applications since 2009 and is in use by 7 of the top 10 electrical utility companies in the U.S.

They have achieved Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 for the U.S. military.


Spotter Global provides significant advantages in protecting; substations, drone detection, CIP dams, fish farms, airports, prisons, government, and commercial facilities.  For more applications, connect with the Wave Representatives team.

Spotter Global Radars can be deployed to monitor thousands of meters of airspace, over water and ground.  Filters and zones can be put in place to set security level areas to quickly react based on the threat level. This helps provide early warnings, giving security ample time to take action.

Spotter Global Perimeter Security Solutions work in all weather conditions. They track threats as well as incoming animals into land plots, tailing ponds, and rivers to protect them from toxins.

CK-Series – Smaller sites in urban and suburban environments
Perfect for smaller sites such as substations in urban or suburban environments, the CK-Series radars run on the 24GHz band, which means no hassle in acquiring spectrum licenses. Combined with the small form factor, low power draw, and quick install time, the CK-Series radars can cover your site in high heat, fog, rain, or snow.

C-Series – Large installations, data centers, airports, etc.
Covering 30–380 acres, our C-Series radars are installed on every inhabited continent. In fact, one of the main reasons customers choose Spotter Global over the competition is because their radars perform reliably well in any environment and weather condition they’re used in.

Features worth talking about – 

  • The radar units are small and can be installed on nearly any existing infrastructure.
  • Setup time is a matter of minutes instead of hours or days, reducing installation costs.
  • The wider vertical field of view of the C-Series makes it easier to acquire and track potential threats on rugged, uneven terrain.

Nuisance Alarms

“ Spotter Global has created an efficient and reliable method for mitigating nuisance alarms, while maintaining its high probability of detection.”

Theft, vandalism, and terrorism are real threats that we face every day. Choosing to augment security with new technology is the next logical step in the progression to detecting and acting on these events 24/7.

SPOTTERai is a neural networking tool providing end-users with the ability to train the system on how to respond to detected targets before they go to an operator for review. With the incorporation of AI and Machine Learning in the NIO platform, SpotterRF has created an efficient and reliable method for mitigating nuisance alarms while maintaining its high probability of detection.

NetworkedIO with SPOTTERai Automatic Track Classification: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automatically classifying targets.

Detecting inside the entire interior as well as the exterior of the perimeter, Spotter Global radar is perfect for providing forensic evidence (video-verified alarms) of intruders and suspicious behavior. With an open design and already existing integrations to all major VMS platforms and surveillance equipment, airports spend less time, money, and resources to secure their perimeters.

Spotter Global Perimeter Surveillance Radars are the world’s first advanced Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) System for perimeter, ground, air, sea, and drone detection leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Spotter Global radars are manufactured, designed, and assembled in the USA.