Endless Summer through Engagement

Endless Summer is the name of the famous 1966 surfing documentary by Bruce Brown and also a terrific analogy of the four distinct phases a lead/prospect goes through.


Unless you have a rock-solid engagement strategy, connecting with interested prospects, at the right time can be elusive.


MQL. The initial steps of introduction and communication have begun with the prospect and results in interest. At this point, we find that many organizations are ill-equipped to follow up on this interest quickly and persistently. Best practices call for 5-minute response time or risk losing that potential customer. Therefore these leads should not be passed directly to the sales department for follow up but should instead move to a specialized marketing team equipped for the task. This team could fall under the title of a Marketing Development Representative (MDR) or Sales Development Representatives (SDR), who will follow up using marketing approved cadences, with seven touches over six-eight days.  


SQL. The contact has a substantial interest in your products, has made it through your MDR/SDR qualification process (budget, authority, need, and timing) and is ready for engagement by your direct sales team. Follow up at this stage is paramount and requires the MDR/SDR to provide a warm and scheduled introduction so the salesperson can easily continue the momentum and move the prospect through the sales funnel.


Nurture. For whatever reason, the prospect has started to lose interest. The longer that time, the less likely they will consider your products or services. Quickly implementing a personalized nurture campaign is critical. If marketing provides generic messaging at this point, you may lose the prospect. We find that personalized messaging originating from the MDR/SDR can help bring that interest back.


Closed. The prospect goes dark, and interest at this point is gone. A significant challenge is that many salespeople are eternal optimists and will hold onto engaged prospects, merely pushing the close date out versus closing out the opportunity and moving them back to marketing for re-engagement with a hyper-personalized drip campaign.

Wave Representatives has developed specialized marketing services to ensure consistent engagement utilizing the latest technologies and best practices. We provide our subscribers with dedicated, specialized teams under their identity and leverage our technology stack, allowing them to connect with prospects and follow-up successfully.

To find out how your organization can benefit from Wave Representatives contact us, and we’ll show you how we help solve these business challenges and more.

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