Growing Your Business – Customer Engagement Services

Wave Representatives is optimizing sales and marketing productivity for manufacturers resulting in growth. We do this by focusing energy into critical operations that result in significant gains.

For example; we’ve addressed specific job functions that deliver high-performance increases in brand and demand, but are typically too expensive to dedicate internal resources.

We started with the lifeblood of any organization – data. Finding accurate and relevant accounts and contacts provides a foundation for marketing campaigns and new customer acquisition. We created Research Edition to gather intelligence on target companies, vertical markets, and decision-makers within those organizations that fit our clients’ ideal customer profiles (ICP). This process generates massive increases in effectiveness due to the alignment of the prospects’ needs to the products offered by our client. Our service dramatically improves marketing campaigns by cleaning customer databases muddied by outdated or incomplete contact information.

Building on actionable data, Outreach Edition delivers dedicated Sales Development Representatives, providing personalized engagement with end-users and channel partners. Equipped with the latest technology stack, we help our clients develop a successful playbook strategy and messaging while measuring team performance. Our clients now have the needed bandwidth for event follow up, vertical targeting, channel partner communications, and more.

Many Manufacturers require additional assistance driving branding and building consistent content to improve metrics. When our clients subscribe to Influence Edition, they now have dedicated resources to create valuable content, post social media updates, and generate needed buzz.

These three components comprise the first layer of our customer engagement services. We’re delivering dedicated resources that our research shows Manufacturers need, backed with unmatched industry knowledge and KPI driven metrics.

As the service has grown, WaveCloud now has three new additions to help Manufacturers grow their business. Channel Edition, Partner Edition, and Design Edition focus on providing a complete service offering that incorporates the entire customer journey. Please visit our dedicated website, WaveCloud.App to learn more about these services from Wave Representatives, Your Best Partner™.


With our experience representing manufacturers, we’ve seen how dedicated resources can provide the necessary bandwidth salespeople need to achieve sustainable pipeline growth. WaveCloud provides the needed focus to help drive product adoption.

To find out how your organization can benefit from WaveCloud™ contact us and we’ll schedule a demonstration of our program and how we’re solving these business challenges and more.

Contact Wave Representatives for more information at 858-252-2880.

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