About Us

Since 2013, Wave Representatives has been supporting leading manufacturers with unmatched sales and marketing services. From our inception, we sought to build a foundation of innovation, professionalism and thought leadership. We uniquely provide services aimed at increasing customer engagement. For example, WaveOutreach and WaveOutbound provide dedicated, outsourced, managed SDRs or MDRs for companies seeking to optimize response time and grow pipeline.

Thought Leadership

Wave Representatives is known for representing high-quality manufacturers backed by timely and personable support. Building on our experience managing national channel partners and overseeing global brands, we developed managed services aimed at solving critical workflow challenges that many organizations face.

About us

Why Wave Representatives?

Our focus on initial discovery, engagement, and influence within B2B helps to ensure that prospects receive relevant, personalized, and timely communication. Our mission is to ensure that your customers have the ideal customer experience, and we become your best partner.


Today’s customers want hyper-personalized communication from your organization, Wave Representatives marketing services provide a person-to-person connection.


We believe in leading the market not following.  Out-of-the-box thinking and bold action is what differentiates Wave Representatives from all others.


Our name is on everything we do and represent. Which is why we only partner with technology companies who share our vision, values and culture.