About Us - Wave Representatives
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What We Do

Wave Representatives™ works directly with leading manufacturer partners to deliver, optimized customer outreach, pre-sales and improved channel partnerships.


Our focus on initial discovery, design and channel support for manufacturers helps ensure that end users, systems integrators and value added resellers are equipped with relevant product information and technology guidance for their applications.


Our purpose is to ensure optimally designed solutions are deployed by accomplished channel partners for the ideal customer experience.  To learn more about our capabilities, contact Wave Representatives™ today.


WaveCloud™ goes beyond numbers, designed by industry experts to improve Customer Experience (CX) and ensure better implementations for end users, systems integrators and manufacturers.  Our platform creates greater communication, collaboration and customer success.


Since 2013 Wave Representatives has been empowering leading manufacturers with embedded sales support.


In 2014 we provided design support for some of the largest brands along with state and local government clients.


In 2015 we introduced the first AI powered robotic drone for the security market.


In 2016 we co-founded TechExpo with Security.World to provide an open platform environment with working integration in a live educational setting.


In 2017 we developed WaveCloud™ which provides manufacturers with improved channel partner relationships and security professionals with access to subject matter experts to help them secure their facilities more effectively.


In 2018 our focus continues on emerging technologies designed to significantly improve operations for the enterprise.  We believe that, high resolution megapixel cameras, video analytics, AI, robotics cloud managed security, emergency communications, wireless, perimeter detection, PSIM and video storage are some of the key elements in developing next generation security operations centers.