What We Do

Since 2013, Wave Representatives has been supporting manufacturers with unmatched sales and marketing services. From the beginning, we’ve built on a foundation of innovation, professionalism, and leadership. We are uniquely providing both sales and marketing services aimed at increasing end-user and channel partner engagement. Our WaveCloud services provide dedicated outsourced sales development representatives for businesses needing to improve engagement and grow pipeline.

Wave Representatives™ Your Best Partner™

Wave Representatives is known for representing high-quality, high-value manufacturers backed by timely and personable support. Building on our experience managing national channel partners and overseeing global brands, we developed customer engagement services bridging sales and marketing.

Why Wave Representatives?

Our focus on initial discovery, design and channel support for manufacturers helps ensure that both end users and channel partners are equipped with relevant product information and technology guidance for their applications.  Our mission is to ensure that optimally designed solutions are deployed, creating the ideal customer experience.


Today’s customers want real interaction from sales and marketing organizations, Wave Representatives WaveCloud™ provides a personal person-to-person interaction.


We believe in leading the market not following.  Out-of-the-box thinking and bold action is what differentiates Wave Representatives from all others.


Our name is on everything we do and represent. Which is why we only partner with the right manufacturers to ensure compatibility with our company values and culture.