Frequently Asked Questions!

We’re helping GTM leaders optimize their people, processes and technologies to increase revenue. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from new clients.

How are your services priced?
All services are charged a flat subscription rate, additional options are available for client’s wanting to incentivize team members.
How are we billed?
Subscriptions are billed 1st of the month by default.
Is there a yearly discount rate for subscriptions?
Yes, subscription rates are determined by commitment.
What plan is right for me?
During an engagement, we’ll ask you about your business goals so we can help ensure you have the right solution in place.
Is there a minimum contract term?
It depends on the service, we offer flexible subscriptions when possible, workforce solutions require us to hire personnel, purchase yearly software licenses, payroll services, and so forth. Video subscriptions range from monthly to 12-month subscription tiers.
What is your commission or bonus?
A commission percentage or bonus is dependent upon each client. This provides added incentives for your inside salespeople.
What results can I expect?
Our managed inside sales, and other revenue teams provide dedicated personnel versus hiring entry-level positions in-house. The idea is to increase your engagement while lowering your overhead per team member, customer acquisition costs and the need for an inside sales manager.
What areas do you cover?
We cover the United States and Canada.
Where will our team be located?
We recruit exclusively within the United States for our clients, unless directed to fill positions in other countries.
Why is this better than a lead generation / appointment setting service?
Our services provide dedicated resources to help our clients hit their revenue targets. You’ll have dedicated team members under your brand, utilizing the same tools as your other team members to ensure better collaboration and activities are saved in your CRM.
What's the difference between co-marketing and white labeled video?
We offer two unique ways for brands to reach their target audience. Both offer our clients script writing, audio, video production and editing. Once the video is exported, co-branded videos use the power of ecosystem marketing, under our branding, we review and recommend your products to audiences outside of your network. The other provides “white labeled” production, using an actor providing you with branded video content that you push out to your own network.

More questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to schedule a call with our team.
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