Wave Representatives | About Us
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The Sales Acceleration Company

Wave Representatives is focused on delivering sales growth for our clients.  To accomplish this aim, we have created new subscription services that are designed to generate new business within our unique opportunity lifecycle framework.  Wave Representatives connects the entire eco-system (end users, manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, general contractors and architects and engineers) and helps each partner contribute to the success of a project.


WaveLeads™ is unlike other lead generation solution, built by industry experts to increase sales in todays hyper-competitive business environment with a unique CoPilot™ qualification process for better results.  By managing the entire sales cycle, Wave Representatives can offer your organization focused campaigns using an operational expenditure versus capital expenditure, allowing the service to pay for itself over the twelve-month term.



Help your sales team sell more with additional field sales resources.  We help our partners to increase bandwidth within the region and close more business.  Gain Market Intelligence before competitors and respond to customers faster.  Both Business Edition and Corporate Edition include AugmentedSales™.