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Dominate role for ten years.
Why the role has been successful.
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New challenges.

Since we managed inside salespeople for B2B companies, and keep current on any requirements that may impact the various roles we provide to our clients.

Recently, Google and Yahoo announced new email requirements that companies should be aware of before sending bulk emails. Below we provide a brief overview of the BDR role and details on these new business requirements.

For the past ten years, Business Development Representatives (BDRs) have played a crucial role in the Inside Sales domain. Their contributions to building pipeline for their respective companies have been instrumental in driving business growth.

SaaS companies have heavily utilized the BDR role to fuel their growth by employing sales engagement platforms (SEPs) to develop cadences or sequences that optimize email, phone, social, and video outreach.

In an effort to combat spam and provide a better email experience, both Google and Yahoo will be introducing new restrictions on high-volume bulk senders.

When does this go into effect?

These requirements are set to go into effect in February 2024, will require BDRs to:
Authenticate their emails: This means that BDRs will need to use a process called Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify that their emails are coming from a legitimate source. This will help to prevent spammers from spoofing BDRs’ email addresses and sending out unwanted emails.
Allow for easy unsubscribe: BDRs will be required to include a clear and easy-to-find unsubscribe link in all of their emails. This will make it easier for recipients to opt out of receiving future emails from BDRs.
Stay under a reported spam threshold: BDRs will need to keep their spam rate below 0.3% of all emails sent. If an BDR’s spam rate exceeds this threshold, Google may start blocking their emails from being delivered to Gmail inboxes.

Outsourcing BDRs

Account Research
According to a study by Experian, up to 25% of contact data is outdated each year.
Keeping accurate contact and account data is a challenge, but we can help.
We improve customer engagement with relevant, personalized messaging.
Using video for outreach has increased response rates for more than 60% of sales reps.
Better engagement starts with on target messaging and responsiveness to inquiries.
Data insights
Real time data provides management with the intel they need for sales and marketing initiatives.
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