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Do your direct salespeople have time to prospect? The answer is likely “no” if you’re a manufacturer with direct salespeople with a focus on supporting channel partners, they don’t have the bandwidth to perform rudimentary lead generation duties and commit to the level of persistence that prospects require in today’s competitive landscape.

Wave Representatives developed WaveOutreach a Sales Development as a Service to address this, along with many other challenges that manufacturers within the technology sector face.

The Numbers

The numbers are daunting for your direct sales representatives, trying to carve out time for prospecting requires juggling channel partners, project registrations, internal meetings, external meetings, and travel. 

A recent salesforce.com report entitled “state of sales 3rd generation” shows salespeople actively selling at 34% of the time, with 66% spent with everything else required in-between. The report shows both active prospecting and research also below 10%. Territories require consistent attention, and most salespeople only spend time with their top resellers, (typically around 20%).

Key takeaways from the salesforce.com report regarding sales reps.

  • 57% expect to miss quota.
  • Spend too little time researching customers.
  • 76% say engaging at just the right time makes an extreme impact on converting prospects.
  • 86% say acquiring new customers is gained by better customer data.
  • 86% of top performers say qualified leads are essential for channel partners (we agree).

Enter the SDR (Sales Development Representative)

SDRs have gained popularity within the SaaS and technology sector due to their ability to stimulate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) to become SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) before being transitioned to more tenured Account Executives or Regional Sales Managers.

“Why should I use SDR Outsourcing versus in-house SDRs?”

Besides the obvious (salary, computer, headset, CRM, and customer engagement software), there’s also health insurance, social security tax, medicare, building costs, property costs, utilities, benefits, payroll, management. These costs take even a modestly compensated SDR at 90K in total compensation resulting in fewer hires, reduced velocity, and the likelihood they morph into inside sales representatives becoming ineffectual for SDR purposes.

WaveOutreach SDRs are, on average cost 33% of in-house hires and yet are focused on engaging new prospects under your brand and @domain but leveraging our advanced technology stack and management. We equip your dedicated SDRs with the very latest in sales tools to help with discovery, engagement, and follow up. Your new team can grow your business with prospects, answering questions, and ensure they’re qualified before moving on to your direct sales team. Once an opportunity is fully qualified, we engage your direct team and provide a warm handoff. 

If the SDRs are salary plus commission, we work with your sales team to track opportunities.

SDR Outsourcing can significantly enhance your vertical targeting, channel partner engagement, and trade show follow up.

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