You’re ready to boost your Channel Partner business, but the overhead cost of hiring a large enough direct sales team has you restrained (you’re not alone).

Channel Partner Lead Generation

Picture a partnership that guides you through developing a sales initiative to address every stage of the revenue lifecycle and a dedicated sales team that performs that prospecting you can’t afford to do in-house.

Bonus points if that partner has experience supporting indirect sales channels and understands your goals.

Meet: Wave Channel Development and Wave Sales Development


Learn how to launch effective Channel Partner Lead Generation campaigns by focusing on the right potential customers. Build a cadence strategy using best practices and establish better workflows for your sales team.
Discover a scalable process for increasing response rates, brand awareness, and sales efficiency for end-user demand. Best for: Companies seeking long-term goals and require a partner capable of addressing “front of funnel” engagement with expertise in software, procedures, and sales talent working collectively.

Are you connecting with your Channel Partners?

Increase your responsiveness to partner sales inquiries and product questions by leveraging dedicated contracted Channel Development Representatives (CDRs); you can support more partners, close more deals, and accelerate revenue.

Email blasts aren’t enough to build strong partnerships; instead, provide regular updates on your products and services to keep your partners engaged; CDRs personally call, email, and run web demos to keep partners engaged and informed.

What about End User Leads?

Wave also provides organizations with dedicated, contracted Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) that can target the right verticals to help generate warm leads for your partners.  However, this requires an investment in the right technology stack.  Our partnership provides insights into who’s actively searching for your type of products, so you’re connecting with the right people at the right time.

In today’s world, prospecting has changed significantly; however, people, processes, and technology can greatly impact a program’s success.

How can you increase revenue?

While your Regional Sales Managers and Account Executives focus on supporting their strongest Channel Partners, Channel Development Representatives can service the other 80% that aren’t being called regularly and sign new authorized partners to increase territory coverage and revenue.  We’ve found that 20% of the reseller market is addressed and requires dedicated business development to “land and expand” additional Channel Partners.

Wave’s Channel Development services are designed to augment your organization’s direct Channel Partner sales support using contracted CDRs.

Wave’s Sales Development services address your front-of-funnel activities using contracted SDRs to complement your Sales and Marketing efforts.

The Numbers

The numbers are daunting for your direct sales representatives; carving out time for prospecting requires juggling channel partners, project registrations, and internal and external meetings.

A report entitled “state of sales 3rd generation” shows salespeople actively selling at 34% of the time, with 66% spent on everything else.  The report shows both active prospecting and research also below 10%.

Key takeaways from the report.

57% expect to miss quota.

Spend too little time researching customers.

76% say engaging at just the right time makes an extreme impact on converting prospects.

86% say acquiring new customers is gained by better customer data.

86% of top performers say qualified leads are essential for Channel Partners (we agree).

Channel Partner Program

Your company likely has a Channel Partner Program.  Perhaps even a dedicated portal with lead management (lead registration) and a starting point for them to successfully sell your solutions through content management, training, and company-branded campaigns.  Channel Marketing is excellent for your company but does not necessarily translate to partner success.

Partnerships are Relationships

Partnerships must be reciprocal and having an active end-user lead generation initiative is a great perk for your partners if you have the budget to provide it.

By partnering with Wave, we can help your organization by complementing your marketing department’s inbound leads with outbound leads and leveraging the right technology services and materials your marketing team provides.  We can help you put processes around your front-of-funnel activities and complement your direct staff with dedicated SDRs to help increase your response rates to inquiries.

CDRs can also work with your partners to help them find the right type of customers, successfully convey your value proposition, and close more business.

Hybrid sales teams can create a steady stream of higher-quality deals by increasing partners’ conversations, education, and support while leveraging buyer intent data to focus on the right end-user prospects in the market for your product or service.

Channel Partner Lead Generation

SDRs and CDRs have gained popularity within the tech sector due to their ability to stimulate new opportunities and transition qualified leads to tenured Account Executives or Regional Sales Managers, filling the sales funnel.

SDRs significantly boost your outbound efforts by directly introducing your company to new end-user prospects that match your ideal customer profile and are searching for your type of solutions.  Some of the SDRs’ activities include; conducting highly personalized 1-1 outbound campaigns (email, phone, social media), scheduling qualified meetings for Account Executives, and ultimately handing off qualified leads to Channel Partners.

CDRs Increase your responsiveness to partner sales inquiries and product questions and keep deals alive when account managers are on vacation or leave the organization.  Most importantly, they increase revenue by moving opportunities across the finish line with consistent follow-up and engagement with your Channel Partners.

Why Contracted Sales Teams?

Besides the obvious (salary, computer, headset, software), other considerations include health insurance, social security tax, medicare, building costs, property costs, utilities, benefits, payroll, and management.

These costs take even a modestly compensated SDR or CDR at 90K in total compensation resulting in fewer hires, reduced velocity, and the likelihood they become ineffectual.

Wave Representatives, on average, cost 30% less than in-house hires and yet engage new prospects under your brand and @domain, leveraging the latest sales tools to perform discovery, engagement, and follow-up.

Your new dedicated team can help you grow your business by increasing sales engagement with Channel Partners or End-Users, depending on your business requirements.  Wave has partnered with the top technology companies to help you evaluate your tech stack and integrate best-in-class tools to maximize your efforts.

By partnering with Wave, you can increase conversations, and deals, get help with integrations, and gain insights into your team’s performance with analytics, providing better forecasting and pipeline management.

Contact Wave for a free assessment to gain insights on optimizing your organization’s channel enablement strategy.

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