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Wave Representatives has created a unique channel partner engagement platform for security professionals that connects highly skilled Systems Integrators with an advanced technology stack from innovative manufacturers.  Combined with; training, design resources and active customer projects where partners can demonstrate their expertise you have PartnerForce™.  Wave Representatives is continually focused on increasing the value we provide our channel partners by redefining what partnership means and expanding our capabilities to unlock new features and benefits.


If you’re looking to expand your security capabilities and require a professional organization to help guide you, Wave Representatives is a great choice.  By leveraging our experience you enable your company to increase velocity with; better training, products and programs to energize your organization.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
– Steve Jobs

Our ability to support our manufacturer partners with little assistance streamlines many of the most time consuming tasks and increases Customer Experience.

Wave Representatives is the only organization to introduce industry specific platforms, programs and events aimed at connecting end users, channel partners and manufacturers enabling dramatically improved KPI and communication.