What’s the Future of Virtual Communication?

Too many company videos fail to generate interest.

There’s so much happening with technology that it’s almost impossible to take it all in, and understand how these innovations will help businesses grow revenue.

We’re living through a major paradigm shift from mostly in person meetings to mostly virtual and that trend continues to be moving toward virtualization with a push from leading tech companies.

While the momentum is greatly at the consumer level at the moment, if the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that consumer products lead commercial adoption. Besides VR headsets, from the latest Apple Vision Pro, to Microsoft HoloLens 2, Varjo XR-3, and Meta Quest Pro, there are solutions that work within physical space like Proto Hologram, creating a natural incorporation of virtual communication.

I imagine virtual sets will eventually be incorporated into physical spaces, like conference rooms and even home offices for immersive virtual meetings where you can see the participants and they can see you.

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Only a decade ago, it was difficult to find a meeting room with a 1080p monitor to show high resolution cameras on, now almost all conference rooms have large 4K monitors. In the future, we’ll likely see office spaces that incorporate small sensors, cameras and microphones to allow for effortless virtual meetings.

Nevertheless, whether in person or virtually present, having a good understanding of the customers needs and a presentation that speaks to them will never lose importance.

Until then, what should businesses being doing?

Remember, that no matter what someone’s occupation or status, we’re all consumers after work. That means the same expectation of quick and relevant content always applies if we want to obtain and hold interest.

Inside the Shift

As an avid writer, videographer and video editor, I’m surprised to see companies who create great products for their customers needs, fail to create content with the same purpose.

Perhaps it’s because these businesses outsource their video production to agencies that lack these key five ingredients: As a result, they resort to creating flashy videos to grab attention, but are unsuccessful in keeping it.

  • A clear understanding of the sales process.

  • Practical experience with their clients target market.

  • An understanding of how their clients products routinely solve various challenges specific to a prospects industry or application.

  • Focused on educating the prospect to show relevance.

  • Anticipate the questions prospects typically ask.

Why WaveMedia was Created.

Working with businesses as an embedded sales and marketing team, we saw this recurring theme, and began to leverage our experience in writing, media production, editing, television and subject expertise to provide businesses with a better alternative.

WaveMedia is now available as a standalone service for businesses who want to effectively connect with their end user target audience and channel partners. WaveMedia is also being integrated into our video services to create highly effective inbound and outbound programs.

​Here’s an example video on how Commend,’s Conversational AI-based Intercom Voice Assistant is helping businesses and their customers.​


​​Here’s an example video on how KBC Networks industrial switches solve a major challenge to many end users that are unknown until wasting hours troubleshooting connectivity issues.


​​Here’s an example video on how Logipix 300 megapixel cameras provide Airport operations with specialized features and tools specifically for their needs.​


Content with a Purpose

WaveMedia video production services addresses the need for engaging storytelling that not only grabs attention, but quickly demonstrates relevance of a businesses products to generate interest.

If you’re interested in WaveMedia for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Written by David Marsh

About David Marsh – as Wave’s CEO, David’s experience in technology sales and marketing, copywriting and video editing have helped him to demystify his clients solutions to channel partners and end users.

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