Common challenges to video content creation and growing an audience

Pipeline Episode 1

We’re excited to finally release PIPELINE our podcast that explores the opportunities available to B2B companies on social media and challenges they have with creating content that resonates with their target audience.

Episode 1: Pipeline features Wave’s founders Glenis and David Marsh discussing the type of content that’s currently prevalent on LinkedIn and other social media channels, and how Wave is helping B2B companies scale their media production and distribution to demonstrate their value to a wider audience


This short clip highlights the importance of knowing your audience, where their attention is, and creating good content that’s right for them to maximize results.


About Glenis Marsh – as Wave’s CMO, Glenis’ approach to marketing is inspired from her experience in television, and providing value to our clients by focusing on the relevance of their solutions.

About David Marsh – as Wave’s CEO, David’s experience in technology sales and marketing, copywriting and video editing have helped him to demystify his clients solutions to channel partners and end users.

The full episode of PIPELINE can be found on major podcasting networks audio – Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts or watch the Video Podcast on YouTube.

Content with a Purpose

WaveMedia video production services addresses the need for engaging storytelling that not only grabs attention, but quickly demonstrates relevance of a businesses products to generate interest.

If you’re interested in WaveMedia for your business, we’d love to hear from you.tent here

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