Pipeline by Wave, Now On Substack, And What’s Next?

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From David Marsh @ Wave Representatives

Why we moved Pipeline to Substack?

We wanted our readers to be able to easily read the content on mobile devices, and allow us to create new content we have planned beyond text and graphics.

While we gave up some automation, we felt it was important to take our time writing about the things we care about.

We want to provide value to GTM leaders who read pipeline, with insights on industry trends that can help them increase business.

We also found that Chat GPT, along with other AI generated content, provides factoids with very little substance to make them readable. So, everything you read here, including any grammatical errors are human generated. 😎

Do I need to become a paid substack subscriber?

No, since most of the content to date has focused on how our services address various pain points experienced by GTM leaders, we plan on making the majority of our content for free. In the future, we plan on creating in-depth content exclusively for paid subscribers.

Let’s get into it.

How would you rate your buyer’s journey?

If you were a prospective buyer, doing research on your type of product, where would you start that process?

According to new research from sparktoro, it’s not google. 🤯

Your prospect’s journey starts with social media, for B2B that’s likely from industry voices on LinkedIn who provide insights on how your product addresses challenges.

Then, they go to google.

Has GA4 thrown a wrench into your SEO strategy? There are new strategies to organically push your best content to the search engine results.

You can read about that here. 👇

Grow Your Pipeline Organically with Smart SEO Strategies

In today’s competitive marketplace, every marketing investment needs to justify its return. This article examines SEO as a cost-effective solution for pipeline growth. We explore how optimized content and strategic keyword targeting can deliver a steady stream of qualified leads, potentially reducing reliance on expensive outbound tactics and ultimately…

Dark Funnel

Your buyer isn’t on the dark web, they’re on the dark funnel, where they remain unidentified, reading, researching, and never filling out a form.

If only you had a way to unmask that dark funnel, revealing exactly who’s on your website, reading your content, watching your videos. Good news, there is!

With your marketing team can now leverage autonomous revenue orchestration that combines intent data with action to capture buyer interest when their interest is at its highest. Warmly,

This works with your existing tech stack, allowing your salespeople to engage with buyers before your competitors do.

Best of all it’s easy to implement.

With Warmly, prospects that are ready to purchase, have done the research, but just aren’t sure about your company. Now thanks to this magical technology, they can receive that needed nudge from your sales team to covert them into customers. 😎

As I was writing this, I saw this post by LinkedIn “numbers to watch this week”, so another inflation update is coming.

We’ve been tracking this anticipating more businesses to see inside sales outsourcing as a strategy to combat rising costs.

The misconception is, you’ll loose control.

Here are a few immediate benefits when we sign a client.

A big reduction in:

Recruitment costs, W2 overhead, churn, rehiring and retraining costs.

In addition, having a fully managed inside sales team and a provider that can help you engage channel partners.

Due to our experience with technology, we provide tech stack integration and optimization ensuring you have full control over your team, and benefit from the new account and contact updates to your CRM.

Since the majority of our clients are B2B SaaS and Tech companies, we provide a service that fit’s nicely within their GTM strategy, having alignment with their revenue operations to support, marketing, sales and customer success.

Over the last ten years, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Check out this article I wrote on some of those takeaways. 👇

3 Challenges to Building Sales Pipeline

3 Challenges to Building Sales Pipeline Financial uncertainty can be a major obstacle for sales teams. Executives and sales managers we’re speaking with are taking this opportunity to ensure they have the right people, processes, and technologies to meet revenue targets.

If having US based inside revenue teams is important to you, Wave Representatives can become your best partner, helping you achieve your GTM strategy in 2024.

What’s Next.

My next big article (perhaps a podcast too) will be on Channel Sales, and some of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve seen for vendors.

I’ve spent the majority of my career supporting our client’s channel partners, I enjoy the collaboration, working together to help them solve their customer’s challenges, and winning business together.

I see a lot of untapped potential for vendors. Partnerships are an incredible way to increase business, but those relationships require consistent engagement.

We typically see the same challenges when looking at a new client’s channel partner program, we’ll dive into that next week…

Last year we took my experience working with channel partners and leveraged my wife’s television background and created a partner engagement program for our clients, making content exclusively for their channel partners.

The results were incredible. 😎

Some of the content was tested publicly, and has become a key differentiator on how we go-to-market.

So, where do we go from here?

We’d like to work with more B2B clients who recognize the power of video and help them create channel marketing content that increases their partner engagement.

We’re also opening our editing and content distribution capabilities to help executives who see founder led growth as a key advantage for their brand.

That’s it for now friends, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Pipeline.

All the best,

David Marsh

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