After The Show

With another ISC East behind us, many manufacturers will have interested companies who want to continue the conversations that they had with them on the showroom floor unfortunately, statistics show that most of those interested leads will fall through the cracks and lose interest due to lack of personal follow up.  This is because existing sales reps are busy working on active projects and supporting their channel partners.  Relying on marketing email blast follow ups?  You will be among hundreds of competitors in their inbox after the event.  It’s a vicious and expensive cycle and one of the inspirations for WaveCloud™ our platform addresses this along with many other common challenges that manufacturers uniquely face.

The Show Is Over

While ISC East provides information and direction for better decision making, it’s a once a year experience which doesn’t help customers for the other 360 days.  This’s why Wave Representatives developed a platform designed exclusively for manufacturers.  This is an important distinction.  Wave Representatives is also the only agency that is focused on the End User Customer Experience (CX) and increasing Channel Partner Engagement.

Our unique educational approach provides both end users and channel partners with the confidence they need to purchase and support the state-of-the-art products that are made by our manufacturer partners.

To find out how your organization can increase market intelligence, responsiveness, project velocity and brand loyalty send us an email or give us a call and we’ll schedule a demonstration of our program and how we’re solving these business challenges and more.

Your direct sales team will increase pipeline, channel partner relationships, allow them to focus on their key accounts and still increase your visibility with new end users and channel partners.  Best of all – the marketing intelligence we gain is yours and can be used for better end users and channel partner engagement and account based marketing.

Contact Wave Representatives for more information at 858-252-2880.

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