When it comes to Facial Recognition there’s a lot of hype.  If you’re looking to implement a usable system for the security industry these three things are essential.  Speed, Accuracy and Scalability.  If your facial analytic; takes too long to open a door,  false alarms on objects that resemble faces, can’t utilize higher megapixel cameras, or is too expensive to scale then it’s unusable.

Our facial analytic detects people’s faces in live cameras and instantly matches with enrollment database to check whether person is in the database. If yes, the application publishes an alarm and sends email to the security staff.  Enrollment is very easy by using any ONVIF compliant IP camera, still images, Alarm images. Any record can be modified, removed, merged with another record. Alarm for each record can be individually set.

The soon to be released Ayonix Milestone XProtect Embedded Application creates a turn-key solution for Milestone customers who desire an added level of security for their facilities.

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