CEOs Concerned About the Economy, Labor Market, Technology, Regulation, and Sustainability Initiatives.

Recently, CEOs have been bombarded with challenges, from a tough economy, a tight labor market, rapid technological change, increasing regulation, and a growing focus on sustainability initiatives, all with lasting repercussions.

The Economy

The global economy faces several challenges: inflation, supply chain disruptions, and political instability. These issues are making it difficult for businesses to grow and profit.

  • Inflation is driving up the cost of goods and services, making it more expensive for businesses to operate. We’ve been writing about this trend for a while, as we track rising costs for labor.
  • Supply chain disruptions make it difficult for businesses to get the materials they need to produce their products. Since 2020, it’s been used by every company, for not having stock on products, and is continuing into 2023.
  • Political instability causing economic uncertainty. This as a global trend we’ve been monitoring, with an increasing number of countries now experiencing domestic instability, and antagonism between trading nations, this has a big potential for business disruption.

The Labor Market

The labor market is tight, with many businesses struggling to find qualified workers. This is driving up wages and making it more expensive for businesses to operate. For example, the unemployment rate in the United States is currently at 3.6%, which is near a 50-year low. This means that there are more job openings than there are unemployed people. As a result, businesses have to offer higher wages and better benefits to attract and retain employees. Wave Representatives invested in opening a new US location to tackle these challenges for our customers.


Technology is changing how businesses operate, and CEOs are concerned about keeping up with the latest trends. For example, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a major impact on a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. You can’t view social media without seeing someone posting about ChatGPT. We’re tracking the ramifications of AI on B2B, with numerous software companies integrating AI into their offerings to leverage sales and marketing optimization (stay tuned for more).


Governments worldwide are increasing the regulation of businesses, which adds to business costs. As these new laws are passed, we see increased costs of doing business being absorbed by companies, which means decreased profits.


CEOs are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their businesses, and they are looking for ways to adapt to these limits. Carbon emissions will continue to be an area of regulation by Government agencies, and will likely impact businesses of all sizes.

Wave Representatives: Your Best Partner.

As a Managed Service Provider, we focus on delivering services for (B2B) companies to help them address today’s challenges.

Here’s what we’re doing to help.

  • Inside Sales Teams: Wave Representatives provides dedicated, client-branded, managed inside sales teams. We perform the interviewing, hiring, onboarding, payroll and management of these teams as a service.

Outsourcing inside sales is a strategic advantage.

  • End User and Channel Partner Focused Teams. Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Allows businesses to hire senior sales positions for direct roles. We provide better results than when hiring in-house. We’ve been supporting Channel Partners for our clients since our inception, with 30 years of experience within the Channel. Ability to provide sustained relevance to engage Channel Partners.
  • Playbooks and Strategies: Wave Representatives helps businesses implement strategies and workflows to increase reach and meaningful engagement with their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Channel Partners. What works is always changing, so we utilize our Revenue Operations framework and insights to adjust and optimize sales and marketing tactics to increase effectiveness for our clients.
  • Marketing Services: Wave Representatives offers marketing services that drive revenue, content creation that’s laser focused on delivering value to your target audience. Including; on target storytelling leveraging our in- copywriting, video production, video editing, social media marketing, and personalized email marketing, using our methods of engagement.
  • Technology Solutions: Wave Representatives helps our clients to acquire and implement best-in-class technology solutions to help them to optimize their sales and marking efforts and increase revenue. Our capabilities allow us to assist our clients with implementing the latest technology without the negative impact of taking employees offline for a week of onboarding.

Wave Representatives is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing services to boost revenue and keep customers.

The business landscape is challenging, but it’s also an exciting time. With the right approach, CEO’s can succeed in today’s business environment. Wave Representatives is here to help you every step of the way, as your best partner.

Thanks for reading.

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