Lead to Revenue Optimization

Lead to Revenue Optimization

Siloed processes and follow-up delays killing your revenue?

This article is your antidote.

Bridging the Gap:

  • Address gaps in timely follow-up, chat inquiries, and other MQL stages.
  • How effective is your marketing to sales hand-off once a prospect has gone through awareness, evaluation, and conversion phases?
  • Efficient marketing to sales communication and a rock-solid hand-off process are key areas for revenue acceleration.
  • Show salespeople what your marketing funnel looks like, each acronym, and when prospects are considered sales qualified lead (SQL).
  • Market Development Representatives (MDRs) play a critical role at this stage in ensuring senior salespeople aren’t wasting their time qualifying prospects.
  • Lead to revenue optimization within the sales department, starts by dividing prospects into predefined sales pipeline stages to ensure that account managers take over the right accounts at the right time.

Marketing → Sales:

Imagine a seamless handoff from marketing to sales, where sales qualified leads flow smoothly into your team’s pipeline, empowering them to deliver impactful conversations and close more deals.

That’s the Market Development advantage.

Important in this process:

  • Market Development Representatives need a technology stack geared for scalable personalized follow-up, requiring a unique selling tool set.
  • Market Development Representatives provide an excellent bridge between marketing and sales and quickly respond to all inbound leads.
  • Leverage great marketing content by personally delivering ebooks, videos, and articles to the prospects that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Conversational intelligence can uncover what prospects are asking, how well the discovery process is going, and where you can replicate success.
  • Many organizations struggle to keep Sales Development and Market Development roles due to a common request to move into an Account Executive role, resulting in the need to constantly interview due to internal turnover.

Sales Funnel:

Once a meeting is scheduled, your Account Executive can now leverage the notes from the earlier recording for a meaningful and productive conversation for both parties.

Important in this process:

  • During the discovery process, the Account Executive can connect the prospect’s needs to the strengths of your solution, uncovering your value over competitors.
  • Sometimes, prospects only want to know “how much” and can become frustrated if your discovery process is repetitive, long, generic, or covers irrelevant materials.
  • Becoming a good listener and presenter should be important to any salesperson. Ask questions that are important to your prospect, and find alignment.
  • The buyer is examining your company and your ability to quickly answer their questions while you’re qualifying whether your value proposition addresses their challenge at a cost they can approve.
  • Uncovering desired outcomes is key to mutually beneficial partnerships. Can your solution best address their needs?
  • Eliminate buying friction during this process by ensuring that each interaction makes meaningful progress.
  • The prospect should have a clear itinerary and find the time spent meeting with you productive. (Preparing by listening to previous interactions can help tremendously).
  • Account Executives often struggle to reach enough stakeholders in the process. During discovery, even when speaking with an executive, it’s important to ensure opportunities are multi-treaded, where all parties affected by the solution are involved and become advocates.

Technology Solutions:

Lead to revenue optimization is fueled by technology since it now plays a crucial role in aiding both the buyer and salesperson through transparent next steps.

Having a shared outline of what comes next and who is responsible for that next step helps create consensus and buy-in. Integrating multiple vendors can be daunting to many organizations. However, the alternative is frequently worse; solutions that lack efficiency due to acquisitions or inadequate bolt-on features designed to only counter competitors can negatively affect your growth. The preference should be on effectiveness.

Often best-in-class solutions generate revenue faster than all-encompassing solutions.

Outsourcing Assistance:

Wave provides our clients with services built around this process, from augmenting your team with Market Development Representatives) under your brand and leveraging recommended technologies, so your direct teams will be unfazed by new rollouts.

Note: This type of engagement allows businesses to easily execute new initiatives without negatively impacting the performance of internal sales teams.

Wave also provides stand-alone software solutions based on your environment and business goals, assisting with the integration, onboarding, and playbook development.

Developing effective playbooks, cadences, and messaging improves end-user engagement, channel partner engagement, and lead response time.

What Makes Engagement Effective?

The number one issue we see with poor results is the salesperson’s lack of personalization and an effective call to action that’s relevant to the prospect.

Sales Representatives should focus on the right accounts and prospects and produce researched, personalized engagement using best practices.

Benefits to Outsourcing Market Development:

  • We’ve found that internal teams are rooted in current opportunities and have little bandwidth to qualify potentialities in exchange for qualified business.
  • Even in-house inside sales representatives are almost exclusively tasked with inbound or account engagement and follow-up. They won’t have the time necessary for persistent end-user engagement and follow-up. (additional pipeline articles explain the statistics and benefits.)
  • Wave has been purpose-built revenue teams to connect with end-users and channel partners to create significant engagement, pipeline, and revenue gains.
  • Wave assists customers in assessing, implementing, and utilizing software and services that increase revenue.
  • Wave understands organizations’ apprehension when bringing on new tools due to the significant strain on staff productivity and revenue attainment.
  • As a result, Wave leverages our experience using these “magic quadrant” tools to help our clients speed up the “onboarding to benefits” process through our embedded services, delivering a superior experience while mitigating in-house stress.
  • Our industry experience and a professional educational approach provide end-users and channel partners the confidence they need to purchase and support our client’s products.


To find out how your organization can benefit from Wave Representatives lead to revenue optimization, chat below.

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