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Marketing Services

Wave Representatives differs from other agencies by providing dedicated resources, under your brand and powered by us, helping you to improve discovery, engagement, and response.



30% of contact data is outdated every year, which lessens the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and can damage your sender score. Our Lead Researchers generate new contacts based on your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and regularly update/enrich existing databases to maximize success.



MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) engagement through dedicated, company-branded Market Development Representatives (MDR), utilizing our optimized technology stack and managed by Wave Representatives.



Writing copy is time-consuming, so delegate it and improve customer engagement with; new ebooks, case studies, website copy, newsletters, and social media posts. Our industry experience and embedded account services provide unmatched collaboration.

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Account / Contact Validation

Keeping accurate contact and account data isn’t easy, which is why WaveResearch™ includes active account and contact validation in addition to creation.  With relevant, validated connections, you’ll be able to confidently deliver content.

Event Assist

Drastically increase your return on investment for trade shows and special events with immediate follow up using WaveOutbound™ or WaveOutreach™.  Statistics prove the longer the delay before person-to-person follow up the less likely they will become a customer.

Market Influence

WaveInfluence™ clients receive the assistance they need to drive engagement and push strategic marketing initiatives. Your influencer provides the copywriting expertise required to help your brand.

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