Outsourced SDRs

Outsourced SDRs

This article will explore the benefits of SDR Outsourcing and why it isn’t limited to SaaS. Today many companies selling within B2B are generating a greater pipeline when implementing a tiered sales team.

SDR Outsourcing Introduction

Outsourced SDRs played a vital role in helping start-ups in the SaaS market to meet their revenue targets.

Since the Bay Area has some of the highest property and cost of living numbers in the United States, the bay area welcomed the concept of “SDR as a Service” as an answer to hyper-scaling their growth.

However, while this trend started in Silicon Valley, SDR Outsourcing’s benefits aren’t limited to SaaS; any company selling B2B can generate a greater pipeline when implementing a tiered sales team.

Why Sales Development Representatives?

Inside Sales Representatives can’t focus exclusively on funnel development, depending on the industry; inside sales typically centers on channel partners and outside sales support.

In contrast, the emphasis for an SDR is almost exclusively on demand-generation. Specialized software and performance tools help to provide a unique framework to improve SDR’s contribution to pipeline.

Why Wave Representatives?

Wave Representatives has seven years of experience supporting businesses as an outsourced sales team (Sales-as-a-Service). One of our clients’ advantages when partnering with us is our background in enterprise hardware and software and working with channel partners.

Businesses rely heavily on channel partners to promote and sell their products daily, with trade shows and special events as their primary venue for end-user engagement.

We’ve supported channel partners from our inception. We’ve found that competing services lack the needed experience to engage with resellers and distributors successfully.

WaveOutreach versus Representation

Our clients receive dedicated sales development representatives, running personalized cadences, engaging in conversations, and booking appointments for your team.

Equipped with the latest technology stack, we help our clients develop a successful playbook strategy and messaging while measuring team performance. Our clients now have the needed bandwidth for the event follow up, vertical targeting, channel partner communications, and more.

Wave Representatives subscription-based service for business to business, providing essential pre-sales activities and is making unmatched gains in customer engagement and meeting intelligence.

Today we’re leading the way in sales-as-a-service. Over the last seven years, we’ve invested in groundbreaking sales engagement technologies, excellent facilities, pricing packages, processes, and reporting.

Wave Representatives has also developed services to ensure consistent engagement utilizing the latest technologies and best practices. We provide our subscribers with dedicated, skilled teams under their identity and leverage our technology stack, allowing them to connect with prospects and follow-up successfully.

To find out how your organization can benefit from Wave Representatives, contact us, and we’ll show you how we help solve these business challenges and more.

Wave Representatives, LLC™ Your Best Partner™

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