Revenue Focused Solutions

When it comes to an effective sales and marketing strategy, it’s paramount to have a seamless integration of people, processes, and technology.

Today, Pipeline by Wave continues with Part 2 of an overview of essential technology solutions for sales and marketing teams.

Revenue Focused Solutions (Continued)

Conversational Intelligence

When developing your outbound strategy, it’s vital to leverage your higher-performing salespeople to boost your lower-performing ones.

Imagine capturing your team’s sales conversations into a searchable database, unlocking real-time insights on winning calls and opportunities.

Gong allows sales teams to share winning tactics from your top reps to benefit the entire organization. Onboard new hires faster by leveraging actual conversations to help them contribute more quickly. Keep deals from slipping with deal insights, understand what impacts your win rates, and help your reps identify drivers that increase their deal win rates.

Salesloft conversational intelligence feature provides a full transcription of every meeting the Salesloft bot attends.  Due to the integration with the rest of the platform, users can create notes and assign opportunities to track deal strength throughout the process.  A must-have for revenue focused solutions.

Marketing Automation

HubSpot provides tremendous value for Small and Medium Businesses looking to consolidate their CRM, Marketing Automation, Website, Operations, and Payment Processing onto a single platform.​

Intent Data

6sense helps our customers by identifying the best accounts and contacts to work at the right time and the topics they care for most.

With 6sense’s intent, insights, and AI-driven predictive capabilities powering your go-to-market, you can create personalized, relevant experiences for every stage of the customer journey — from the first touch to renewal and cross-sell.

Contract Management / E-Signature

Pandadoc removes the laborious signing process. Whatever requires a signature, new employee forms, nondisclosure agreements, customer quotes, contracts, and partnerships, are all easily managed with PandaDoc.

While this is only the tip of the iceberg, these high-performing revenue focused solutions will help your organization to accelerate revenue.

Technology Partnerships

Please connect with Wave to learn more about our technology partnerships for; ZoominfoAutoboundSalesloftDriftGongHubspot6sensePandaDoc, and more.

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