Sales Outsourcing for Channel Sales

Sales Outsourcing for Channel Sales

The Economy

With many major businesses having already enacted drastic reductions, it’s time for business to think about optimizing their workforce. During the last recruitment cycle, Wave was recommending businesses to leverage a combination of in-house and outsourced sales forces by investing in top-notch sales professionals for direct roles and outsourcing inside sales roles to Wave, to mitigate these headwinds.

Channel Partners

For the last decade, Wave has supported Channel Partners, to help our clients grow revenue. Inside sales teams, like Channel Development Representatives (CDRs) play a vital role in strengthening relationships with resellers by providing the necessary sales assistance they need for success.

When a company hires an inside sales team directly, they pay more in customer acquisition costs and end up recruiting fewer salespeople as they have to cover the higher overhead costs of employing and managing each individual.

The July edition of Pipeline, “Elevate your Channel Development“, we covered the benefits of connecting with more of your partners. Channel Partners often share how faster response times determined their reason for working with the vendor we’re supporting. The ability to accelerate deal cycles is critical as opportunities become more competitive.


Early on, Wave recognized the need to offer additional services to appeal to companies who never leveraged representatives but could benefit from our unique channel partner experience. To accomplish this, these premium services needed to provide dedicated, branded inside sales teams, siloed CRM data and integration services to optimize workflows and communication.

By offering both fractional representation and dedicated sales teams, Wave can provide the right solution for each client, and grow their business more efficiently with a solid sales and marketing practice.

When partnering with Wave, clients benefit from our experience managing sales teams, implementing digital selling strategies using top-rated sales and marketing software, our in-house video production services, and helping resellers design and sell complex solutions.

Sales outsourcing for channel sales can be a great way to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.


For companies on-the-fence, here are some of the reasons our clients chose to outsource to Wave.

Every year, employee turnover costs businesses billions of dollars, particularly in the sales department due to lost productivity. This can lead to a decline in the sales pipeline, missed opportunities, and even losing current clients.

But the impact goes beyond this with the cost of interviewing, rehiring and retraining, profits from that hire won’t be realized until up to 12 months later.

Outsourcing your inside sales roles can help you reduce the impact of employee turnover on revenue and preserving the momentum with ongoing opportunities and existing accounts, as well as bolster retention rates upon hiring permanent employees who will focus on making discovery calls, preparing proposals, and closing deals.

When comparing the cost of outsourcing to hiring directly, in addition to the inside salesperson’s salary, you’ll need to factor in other expenses such as; recruitment, onboarding, and a sales manager’s salary for coaching, training, and managing productivity. By outsourcing these positions, you mitigate the larger operational expenses associated with them.

In closing, by partnering with Wave, businesses that sell through channel partners can increase partner responsiveness and support more cost effectively than their competitors, giving them a much needed advantage.

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