Elevate Your Channel Development

Partners are a critical part of your sales funnel. You may have a great product, but if you don’t have an inside sales team to elevate your channel development and engagement you’re losing out on business.

Connect with More of Your Channel Partners

Your channel partners are the ones who are responsible for the success of your business by providing you with a continuous flow of new customers. They are there to help you grow your business and make it successful if they can receive the support they need.

The average manufacturer provides 20% of their authorized partners with the engagement they need to sell their products successfully.

The other 80% of partners want to win business with manufacturer products but often lack the necessary product knowledge, competitive positioning, and intrinsic value your solution provides their customers.

Often, hiring additional salespeople isn’t feasible due to budget, employee overhead, hiring costs, onboarding, and management requirements.

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Your company can increase partner engagement by tapping into contracted, dedicated Channel Development Representatives (CDRs) provided and managed by Wave.

Wave builds your brand, not ours.​

What’s unique about our channel development sales teams? Wave hires, trains, and onboards dedicated team members who work under your .com brand, integrate into your team, and leverage your CRM to build your brand awareness and relationships, not ours.

​The Best of Both Worlds

A team of dedicated channel development representatives benefits from;

  • Wave’s experience with indirect sales channels, system integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and solution providers.
  • Managing teams of inside salespeople remotely, understanding the impact of consistent coaching, training, and actionable data.
  • Strategic partnerships with top software providers to support and enhance your program.
  • Evaluation of your channel program efficiencies, engagement, and partner profiles.
  • Development of messaging designed for each segment to align your value proposition and maximize responsiveness.

Elevate your channel partner business by engaging with Wave.

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