Supercharge Your Sales Engine: Why Outsource Your SDR Team?

Why Outsource Your SDR Team?



  • Sales Development Representatives are a specialized Inside Sales role focused on front-of-funnel activities such as; research, prospecting, and qualification.
  • The thought of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new Sales Development Representatives keeps you from implementing outbound strategies.
  • Lower costs compared to building your own internal team. You pay only for the results you need, without the overhead of full-time employees.
  • You want your internal sales team focus on what they do best – building relationships and closing deals. Outsourcing takes care of the critical early stages of the sales process, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities.


Supercharge Your Sales Engine: Why Outsource Your SDR Team?

Struggling to keep your sales pipeline overflowing with qualified leads? You’re not alone. Many B2B companies face this challenge, even with strong inbound marketing efforts. But what if there was a way to dramatically increase your sales opportunities, reduce costs, and free up your internal team to focus on what they do best: closing deals and building relationships?

Enter the world of Sales Development Outsourcing (SDO). This powerful strategy leverages a dedicated team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) working under your brand to prospect, qualify, and nurture leads, all while you focus on building profitable partnerships.

SDR Outsourcing Services

Why Outsource Your SDR Team?

According to HubSpot Research, “More than 40% of salespeople say this (outbound prospecting) is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing deals (36%) and qualifying (22%). If you find outbound prospecting to be the most challenging part of your job, you’re not alone.”

  • Forget expensive hiring, training, and management headaches. By outsourcing you’ll enjoy a dedicated, professional sales force working under your brand, significantly increasing qualified leads at a fraction of the in-house cost.
  • Expert Sales Management: Leave the recruiting, onboarding, and coaching to the pros. Your outsourced SDR partner handles everything, ensuring consistent engagement and a laser focus on driving pipeline.
  • Focus on What Matters: Free your internal team from the prospecting grind. Let your SDRs qualify leads, schedule meetings, and nurture relationships, freeing up your sales reps to close deals and build strategic partnerships.
  • Say Goodbye to “Promotion Aspiration” Turnover: Outsource, and let your SDRs flourish without the burden of internal sales career ladders. You get consistent performance and expertise without the worry of churn.


Why outsource your SDRs?

New to Outsourcing?

Perhaps SDR Outsourcing is a new concept to you, but sales outsourcing is a well-established strategy employed by fortune 100 for keeping a full sales funnel.

Outsourcing inside sales roles allows you to invest more in your internal team (Account Executives, Regional Sales Managers, etc.) and removes the burden of hiring, training, and employing a sales development manager in-house.

While we’ve written extensively on the subject, it is sometimes better to see for yourself the statistics that have driven growth in Sales Development Outsourcing and why we’ve developed our metric-based outbound sales program.

According to HubSpot Research, “72% of companies with less than 50 new opportunities per month didn’t achieve their revenue goals, compared to 15% with 51 to 100 new opportunities and just 4% for companies with 101 to 200 new opportunities.”

The Gong Data Science Team, “analyzed 15 months of data and found average salespeople made far more calls in the last month of the quarter than the first two. And the success rate of those “eleventh-hour” calls was usually lower than any other month.

Devoting time to prospecting every day makes sense. You should prospect just as much on the first day of the month or quarter as the last.”


Is your company a good fit for sales outsourcing?

Is Your Company a Good Fit?

As a Sales Development Services partner, Wave Representatives has identified companies that fit the model and those that don’t.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, but here are three reasons you shouldn’t use an outsourced team.

  1. You’re a B2C or B2B2C. SDR outsourcing flourishes within B2B companies; much of the value proposition involves cost-saving activities, e.g. account and contact details and personalization research for ideal customer profiles to optimize the sales process.
  2. Your ACV (annual contract value) is lower than $2000, according to Jason Lemkin. Although outsourcing lowers your outreach costs, having a tiered sales structure for scalability comes with a price tag, and your revenue model needs to support it.
  3. Your sales cycles are less than 30 days. If you’re closing deals within 30 days, on average, your product can sustain revenue growth through marketing versus an outbound sales program.


How much does SDR outsourcing cost?

How Much it Cost to Outsource Your Sales Development Team?

Several factors determine the average cost per Sales Development Representative. Without a doubt, outsourced sales, no matter which options are selected, will be less expensive than hiring and managing an internal team to run your sales development campaigns.

If you see a fit for your company and want to delegate Sales Development to a sales consulting firm, here are some things that will determine your cost.

  1. US-based or Overseas Sales Outsourcing Team? (Wave Representatives provides US-based teams, and on request offshore options for our clients needs).
  2. 100% salary or salary plus a percentage of sales? (Wave Representatives provides a flat monthly rate, with any incentives, or commissions up to the client).
  3. Six, Twelve, or Twenty-Four contractual agreements? (Wave Representatives offers the flexibility of short and long-term contracts so that prospective customers can determine what works best for them).


Isn’t this just Lead Generation?

A common misconception is that many confuse B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services with Outbound Sales Development, but they’re entirely different.

Hiring Wave Representatives provides you with much more than an appointment setting or prospecting service. We provide a managed service where your sales team will function as a dedicated team under your brand, working with your internal sales and marketing teams.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services might be a cheaper option; however, the customer experience is impersonal, and conversion rates are much lower due to the generic target list approach.

In closing, the Sales Outsourcing business model has established sales playbooks and sales messaging focused on pipeline generation for your company.

If you’re looking to scale your prospecting efforts, Sales Development Outsourcing is a great strategic option that can provide reduced hiring costs, lower customer acquisition costs, and provide a professional sales organization’s insights, allowing you to scale up your sales pipeline and revenue faster.


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Closing: Why Outsource Your SDR Team?

Wave Representatives provides professional Sales Development Services to ensure consistent engagement utilizing the latest technologies and sales processes. We provide our clients with a dedicated, talented sales team under their identity, leveraging our sales playbooks and allowing them to connect with target accounts and increase revenue.

To find out how your organization can benefit from Wave Representatives as your outsourcing partner, contact us, and we’ll show you how we help solve these business challenges and more.

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