The Six Million Dollar SDR

Prospecting Takes the Lead

Sales recently became a lot more complicated. Wave Representatives is uniquely suited to help your salespeople overcome their biggest challenge, consistent prospecting.

Better Faster Stronger

Seven years ago, we started our Sales as a Service offering and quickly recognized a need for an embedded sales function to help direct Sales Executives maintain constant pipeline growth and meet quota. That lead us to create our Sales Development service, providing clients with Sales Development Representatives that become an extended sales team, dedicated, equipped, supported, and focused.

Our service isn’t a “lead generation” or “appointment setting service”; those don’t work and end up wasting time and money.

Instead, we leveraged our experience selling enterprise solutions and developed a service that addresses today’s competitive environment with better company research, compelling messaging, and daily outreach lead by embedded teams.

The Six Million Dollar SDR

We’ve nicknamed it the “The Six Million Dollar SDR.” taken from the 1970’s television series. By joining the Sales Development Representative role with state-of-the-art technology and training, we’ve developed the SDR of the future “better, faster, and stronger.” Allowing your team to successfully breakthrough to the elusive buyer and position your solutions for early consideration.
But what does that mean exactly? What training? What technology?

Let’s start with our sales training – Wave Representatives is constantly searching for the very best in Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) training to ensure our team is ahead of the industry, especially important is messaging. Some of our favorite trainers include; John Borrows, David Dulany, Josh Braun, and Jason Bay to name just a few.

Technology can be complicated and can depend on the size and budget of your company. Wave Representatives not only utilizes the top rated providers but we’ve also partnered with them, which allows us to provide discounted pricing, implementation and embedded training. Some of our technology partnerships include; salesforce, outreach, hubspot, drift, and gong. Each providing something uniquely important in the process.

As an example, we first evaluate workflow; recommend enhancements from prospect identification to close, timeline on outreach, messaging, integrating tools to optimize the process, define success with sales and marketing stakeholders, and set-up deal intelligence.

Managed Sales Development Services

Like many other cloud-based services, we charge a monthly fee based on the number of team members we hire, train, and manage for our clients. By providing dedicated staff, our clients receive the benefits of hiring directly with the cost savings of outsourcing those roles.

Why Wave Representatives?

Wave Representatives has provided leading businesses with Sales-as-a-Service since 2013. Our SDR Managed Services evolved from years of experience within B2B technology sales.

We provide many benefits to Companies wanting to increase sales velocity without hiring Sales Development Representatives in-house.

Why Partner with us?

We’re a Technology focused B2B company.
Seven years of experience providing Sales-as-a-Service.
We offload the headaches (hiring, firing, training, and managing entry-level sales positions).
Our SDR’s aren’t looking to become AE’s. (a major challenge when hiring in-house).
Cost savings are approximately ⅓ of hiring in-house.
We provide real-time access to your team.
We provide weekly reports on your team.
Your SDR’s maintain your brand integrity, under
We remove the cost burden of signing up for software licenses.
We provide the facility, computers, headsets, salary, and VOIP.

Wave Representatives has also developed services to ensure consistent engagement utilizing the latest technologies and best practices. We provide our subscribers with dedicated, skilled teams under their identity and leverage our technology stack, allowing them to connect with prospects and follow-up successfully.

To find out how your organization can benefit from Wave Representatives, contact us, and we’ll show you how we help solve these business challenges and more.

Wave Representatives, LLC™ Your Best Partner™

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